Thursday, 1 August 2013


I am currently working with a 2nd baby, but the mother has never been shown how to bath without aids, wind effectively and other basic day to day elementary tasks.

What kind of people are working as maternity nurses that have no wish to share their knowledge.
This leaves me to ask, "Do they know it themselves?". "What training have they had?"

Maybe they don't have that knowledge, which then makes me ask "Why are they doing that job?" and "What kind of training leaves them without the basics?"

I firmly believe that there are some people who work with babies just for the money and actually do not care that much about it, as they know it is a short term booking.

This is absolutely and totally wrong. 

Unless you can feel love and empathy towards a baby, you should not work with them. They are little people, with their own characters and personalities. They are a joy and deserve the best that they can get.

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