Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I am now helping with a 5 month old, who's mother is expecting triplets when she will be only 10 months! No IVF, just a very fertile mum (who was taking precautions too!)
A huge shock.

Mum looks 6 months pregnant already (actually nearly 15 weeks) and I try to do as much as I can, so she does not over do it.

The last baby arrived 7 weeks early, after a 5 day labour and then a C-section; so as much as possible must be done to reduce a very early labour this time. They are due to be delivered at 32/33 weeks.

Next week I go and see the new scan, which will show the sexes. Best know this time so we can prepare. Let's hope there is a boy in there somewhere!

4 of them, my hands will be full, that's for sure.
Forget my usual flexible routines. This will need to be strict and practical.

Then, how do we get them around?
In what?