Wednesday, 16 May 2012


A more talented mum I have never met.

The way she has got these 3 babies and her toddler to be such smiling, contented little people, is a wonder.

It might be worth noting that, every time she looks, speaks or communicates with them at all, she always has a smile and has nice words for them; yet at the same time is firm within her boundaries. She has no time for nonsense and they don't crave it: after all, they have themselves to occupy each other!

Now, whether this is because she has not had the time to over-indulge and worry about the trivial things, I'm not sure.

Maybe, if we all were too busy to worry about what the baby was thinking and just got on with what the baby needed, then maybe there would be less spoilt and more contented little people out there.

I was once told that, "All you can do for a baby is to love it, feed it, clothe and protect it". Maybe there's some truth in that!

Friday, 4 May 2012


Weaning triplets together with the 8 months older sibling, is no easy task for mum!
The old routine is changing and every time you think you have a routine, they change it!

I'm going back to these dears next week and I think a massive cook up to go in the freezer might be called for.

Mum is a true hero to get this far on her own, but now the normal routine has gone out the window and another has to be set introducing them to solids.

Eating is different to sucking a bottle and not all babies have read this manual. Some take to it instantly, while others take their time to get used to it.

The good news is that they all get there in the end, but sometimes the task is harder, even with one!