Saturday, 31 March 2012


I gather that "baby walkers" are not good and actually impede the walking development.
Canada actually bans them!

I knew from a chiropractor, that holding a child's hand and making him walk is bad for them, as it forces the legs which may not be ready to take their weight.

The "walker" makes the muscles lazy and British children are apparently the slowest to start waking well because of it.
This is what I have heard for a professional and makes sense to me; however I have not searched for the evidence

Friday, 30 March 2012


The triplets went for their 6 months check up.

After having to wait for the third bus (no room for their chariot on first two!), they were there for hours.

As expected, they all passed the 4 month milestones and the youngest even passed some of the 6 months checks. Although they are 6 months old, as they were born at 24 weeks they have a degree of development catch-up to do.

They are all doing fantastically well and I have to say, I have never met such smiling happy babies and that goes for the elder sister too.

Their parents are an inspiration.

Friday, 23 March 2012


4 babies to be looked after and no physical help from any government departments. Not a good situation, but proof that exceptional parenting skills do exist!

So long since I last wrote, because the Triplets were born at 24 weeks gestation on 19th August 2011 and their elder sister was only 8 months old at the time.

They stayed 4 months in hospital, first Queen Charlottes, then at the Whittington where their elder sister was born. What a great Neonatal and Special Care Unit they have there.

They were all home for Christmas and then the work truly began!
The differing amounts of medication with each feed was daunting; but their parents just got on with the job and with the help of a large white board to record and monitor everything, they have achieved an amazing result, proving that organisation is the key.

These 4 little people are the happiest, accommodating little souls who smile and laugh constantly. Their mum says they bring her pleasure all day, even though I can see it is relentless task.

Both parents have had to get on with it and have done the most amazing and remarkable job, with no help available from the state. Mum doing most of it during the weekday when Dad is at work and both mucking in the evening and weekends.

A wonderful story and an inspiration to all, with details to follow.