Thursday, 3 June 2010


Almost three weeks have past since the cleft operation and he is doing so well.

His smile is like a bright sunbeam.... broad again, rather than being pursed from the stitches and such a happy little bunny.

He's off most medications now, but you can still see the dissolvable stitches in his mouth.
He's feeding and sleeping more; in fact last night he did a seven and a half hour stint between his feeds!

He was unsettled in the early morning today and has been of late, so I think he may still have some pain in the early hours of day.
He cries and waves his little arms and legs about wildly; rather than those rhythmic colicy jerks. He only does tiny burps nowdays and doesn't seem to need much winding at all. Everything else seems fine, so the only thing I can think of is pain.

Another thing he does to make me think it is pain; is when I cradle him to try to help him to sleep (which he clearly shows he wants to do and something I don't do with a baby unless unwell), he buries his head under my arm and against my body with his cheek pushing against me.
As he has no control over his arm movements yet, I think this is like an older person holding an area that they have hurt.
e.g. When we hurt ourselves, we rub the area and this in turn sends a signal to the brain to concentrate on healing that spot and maybe increase the blood supply if necessary.

I have suggested some Calpol at this feed time, so he can sleep easier afterwards, although I did not give it last night, as I would always seek the parents approval before applying any medication not in the routine.

All in all, he looks wonderful and has a delightful little spirit and is as loved as any baby could be.