Friday, 23 April 2010


Letting your baby crying himself to sleep is cruel, in my opinion.
I've already stated that I like the gentle approach; listening to what your baby's cries are saying.

Sure they are quick to learn that they will get picked up if they cry. Who doesn't want a cuddle?
So my method of anticipating baby's needs BEFORE they get going with the complaining, is always the best .. and they don't learn that crying means that they will get picked up.

I have to say; if ever I have had a baby who cries a lot, then they are trying to communicate something to me.
LISTEN to them, try to understand what they are telling you. It's the only way they can talk to you.

The evidence is, that prolonged crying will damage your baby.

Monday, 19 April 2010


The State is failing 1st time mums by not giving them adequate support when leaving hospital; so I feel that giving my free advice is more than welcome.

Of course, if someone does not see the help they need on my Blog, then I am more than willing to give them private advice by email.
That is my mission.

How can it be right that only people who can afford to pay for people (such as myself) to go and help them?

Monday, 12 April 2010


Please remember, if you use a BABY SLING, only use it when baby is over 3 months old.

The baby's neck is not strong enough to lift it's head if he cannot breath well and could suffocate.
If you use a hard type, make sure the infant’s face is not covered and is visible at all times to the sling’s wearer.

Baby's have been dying because of this and this is now official advice.

Monday, 5 April 2010


More winding time and patience is needed.

Often when my tried and tested methods just don't seem to do the trick, maybe methods aren't needed.
I find that with some babies (and all are different), all they need is to SIT STILL.

So, after each break in the feeding, let baby sit there, slowly letting the milk settle and after a few minutes, slowly sit him up a little straighter.
Then, with one hand in front of the stomach and chest and the other behind (as if book ends), hold him in that position for a few minutes more and see if wind comes up.

If not, put him in the classic over the shoulder position and if still nothing, change sides and place over other shoulder.

You'd be surprised how gravity does it's job!


Sorry nothing for a week or so, but I've been on another job which took alot of time and energy from me.

As a result, I am posting some more winding tips.